Friday, September 17, 2010

The close of a decade!

It is the end of the CO Parelli season for 2011 and as I help close the campus one last time I can't help but think each time I do something "well, that's my last campfire" or "this is the last time I'll ride down 'Sneaky Snake Trail'". (Can you believe I've had the fortune of taking part in over 150 campfires with Tim Sullivan!!) It's hard to believe but I've been spending summers here at Parelli for a decade!! How time flies (at least when we look back on it :-)
As we close down this summer I can't help but feel a finality to this chapter of my journey. In a way it seems sad but in another way I am excited by the preparation Pat and Linda have helped me develop for the next leg of my journey, teaching out in the field! If Principles, Purpose and Time are the tools of teaching, "Watch out!!" because here I come!! :-)
Among the hustle and bustle that the end of the season brings, we also had our website debue this week, have been answering a stack of e-mails to arrange events for next year, and Chloe's baby is continuing to grow (her blanket hardly fits anymore)!! All exciting new adventures for 2011, and still my sense of holding on to every moment I have here is strong. Over the past 10 years I've done my share of losing track of the gorgeous scenery and stunning night stars, but recently I can't help but take a few extra minutes and soak up the fresh air, the never ending beauty that makes Pagosa Springs such a destination!
I feel blessed, overjoyed, sad, nostalgic, content and impulsive all at the same time (good luck to my horses trying to figure out my intention :-)! What a wonderful journey it has been, I can't wait to step into the next adventure!!