Yacht - FOR SALE

- The Sassy Red Head

A bit of relaxation flowing freely forward Freestyle.
Registered Name: Yacht Club
(Sire: Action This Day)
Breed: Thoroughbred
Born: 2009
Horsenality: Left Brained
Foundation: Parelli Level 4
Athletic Aptitudes: Dressage, Jumping, Level 4 Parelli

Warming up in the dressage ring

Yacht came to us in 2017 to help her develop a solid foundation, to expose her to trails, cattle, Parelli levels 1-4, kids, students and all around horse-man-ship. During her first year at the farm the focus was exposing her to all that we could, expanding her foundation, traveling and developing her into a partner. She has excelled and shown even more versatility with a high level of confidence away from the herd and on her own out on trails. She has been helping some high level students on their journeys to Level 4 and she remains a graceful jumper.

Yacht is a talented and lovely horse who is available to a special student looking for an athletic and talented mare to share their horsemanship journey.
Yacht has been competing through the 2019 season at Training Level Eventing. Often scoring in the low to mid 20’s in Dressage. Priced at $25,000. Special considerations for the right home. Contact for more details: contact@jkbaar.com

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