Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What horse advice and baby advice have in common

Have you ever had someone "offer" advice on how to handle a "problem" you are having with YOUR horse? Or more specifically different solutions from different people? This happens a lot with things like trailer loading, for instance to improve your trailer loading you may have heard "heat up his heels", "just offer him a carrot or give him some grain inside", "he's a mans horse, you'll never get him in with treats!", or "you'll have to tranqualize him if you ever want to get him in the trailer". How interesting that most of these "words of advice" are not only conflicting but also at the extreme ends of ways to approach the situation.
Recently I have discovered this phenomenon of seemingly conflicting advice isn't just isolated to the horse world! This realization began to take shape last August with the birth of our wonderful, bright, enquizative, very extroverted son Luke. It seems that the world of youbg children is an area filled with "experts" willing to share their opinion about how things "should" be done. They are so willing that often the meer mention of a young human opens their vault of "useful musts"!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Joy Blog!

I just stubbled across this great website and this was the most recent blog posted - I really enjoyed it and though it was worth sharing! Hopefully you enjoy it too and you can check out the website for yourself here:

See the things you do not as work, but as opportunities for joy. Put the power of joy into the entirety of your day, into the whole of your life.
You can always choose your perspective, no matter what may be going on around you. Living from a perspective of joy and positive presence gives you great power to manifest that joy in the world at large.
Don’t limit the joy in your life by thinking of it only as something you must find or acquire. See joy as one of the greatest gifts you have to give, to yourself and to all of life.
You don’t have to live in a fantasy world or deny reality in order to be joyful. Simply release joy from the limitations and conditions you have placed on it, and it can always be a very real, and realistic, part of your experience.
The place to always find joy is in your miraculous existence. Allow that joy to flavor each moment, each situation, every effort and every choice.
Live your life with the power of real, true, uninhibited joy. And live the great treasure that is always yours.
— Ralph Marston