- The Liberty Whizz!

Quick excels at Liberty and has never met a liberty challenge too big!

Registered Name: Quick Car
Breed: Selle Francais
Born: 2004
Horsenality: Left Brained
Foundation Level: Parelli Level 4+
Sport: Eventing through Preliminary USEA

Quick came to us as we transitioned from teaching at the Parelli University as a part of the Faculty. He had some struggles finding a way to be with humans that was safe for the human and enjoyable for him. He also struggled with the Game of Contact while riding and felt trapped and shut down by contact on the reins. Over the first year Kathy and Quick hit a stride and have enjoyed nearly every moment together since!
Quick is exceptional at liberty and comes alive with no strings attached while playing with Kathy. He loves to express himself and can become stunningly powerful in between his sweet and cuddly moments. He still finds riding with contact requires high amounts of mental concentration but has become much more confident within the frame.
Kathy and Quick have advanced through Show Jumping classes and Eventing through the Preliminary Level.

Quick and Kathy with a First Place out of 20 starters running Preliminary.

Quick showing focus and attention heading up the Center Line in the Dressage Phase.

Focusing on Kathy during the Extended Canter.

Having a blast riding cross country at a Training level HT in Florida.

When Kathy and Quick aren't competing they enjoy bridles riding, liberty play, and even roping cattle for doctoring!

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