-The Farm Mascot, a truly special mare!

Chica, John and Luke
Registered Name: AR Smart Little Dyna
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Born: 2005
Horsenality: RB
Foundation Level: Parelli Level 4+
Natural Sport Tendencies: Cutting

John and Chica first met at the Parelli Colorado Study Center. She had come to Parelli after not getting along with some trainers in her previous situation. Soon after she arrived Pat suggested John look at a nice bay mare from AtWood Ranch, he felt that they would be a good match, and was he ever right! Of course, when Pat suggests a horse for you, if your savvy, you listen! John took Chica on as his main horse and she has continued to give back to not only John but our whole family ever since that day. She is gentle and slow with Luke . . .

Luke and Chica playing on the Teeter Totter at the Florida Parelli Campus.
In the next moment Chica can be quick, responsive and light as a feather with John and cattle;

John and Chica working under Pat's eye.
She also excels at bridle-less work with John;

Enjoying the moment together after a wonderful demonstration.

Chica has proved herself to be a wonderful all around partner and she has yet to come up short in any of the tasks put in front of her! We are blessed to have her on the farm and in our lives.
As she continues as one of John's main partners his next focus is to advance her liberty beyond Level 5 and prepare for demonstrations to help inspire the next generation of Equine Behaviorists!

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