Saturday, June 1, 2013

Traveling with an OTTB!

We spend much of the summer on the road traveling from state to state teaching clinics and camps. It is a great oppertunity for our horses to get exposure and become confident in many different environments. Occasionally however the miles of travel take a toll on the horses particularly our more sensative Thoroughbred. So, last month we experimented with a slightly different approach on feed and had success maintaining his condition plus the feed took up less room in the trailer AND it helped keep the horses hydrated!
We chose to feed a combination of our usual alfalfa hay with some Standley alfalfa pellets and Standley alfalfa cubes, we also added a bit of beet pulp.
The great thing with traveling with the compressed hay cubes is that it is easier to manuever in the trailer and we had less waste from dropped bits of hay. Also, because we soaked the cubes/pellets VERY thoroughly the horses almost had a mash to eat and therefore were taking in more water to help them hydrate, a definate plus when traveling.
The other thing that worked out well was the addition on water, beet pulp and a second type of forage really seemed to help keep condition on the OTTB (Off The Track Thoroughbred). Overall it was a successful experiment and we are continueing to carry cubes/pellets with us as we travel.