- The Perfect Cowboy's Horse

Practice on the cutting flag in the indoor arena.

Registered Name: Circle Bar Pepto G0
Breed: Quarter Horse, AQHA
Born: 2014
Horsenality: Introvert
Foundation Level: Parelli Level 3-4
Sport: Ranch Horse Versatility

John and Virgil first met in 2015 when Virgil was a yearling at Circle Bar Ranch in TX. John was assisting Pat Parelli at a Colt Start and happened across a handsome and well put together yearling. Virgil was accustomed to living in a fairly wild capacity at Circle Bar and the biggest adjustment was helping him learn to trust and see the value in humans. Virgil's first year on our farm was spent on the gentling and taming process, the first goal was helping him to want to be around people.
Since earning his trust Virgil is developing into the Most Valuable Horse on the farm! He is confident and gentle enough to help children learn balance and steering.

The perfect gentleman, at 4 years old he is already confidently giving pony rides!

He is sensitive enough to work as a partner in preparation for Ranch Versatility. He is also a gentle and calm presence in the pasture for his herd mates. There is no telling how far he will go as he grows and learns with John Baar!

Virgil being a partner for single man doctoring.

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